Solo Play Date

This Wednesday was pretty unusual… in a few enjoyable ways.

About half an hour before my alarm clock was set to sound on Wednesday morning, I lay in bed, feeling surprisingly awake and aroused. SwingBot lay on his back beside me, still asleep, and I snuggled close. My hand reached for his penis and was pleasantly surprised to find it already erect. I stroked his cock for a while, before reaching up for some lube. I let that rest in my cupped hand in an attempt to reduce its chill before applying the lube to his cock. I started stroking his cock with the lube and then mounted him.

He was at least partially awake by now, whether from the lube or from earlier, I am not sure, and he continued to wake further as I rode him. I ground back and forth, and bobbed up and down, feeling his cock fill me so fully and hit various pleasure points. The experience was so intense as I came repeatedly. He eventually joined me in orgasming, lifting his hips up to thrust deep and hard.

It was a great start to my day.

Because he was unavailable this week, SwingBot and I tried something new for us: I had a play date alone with BG. Previous “alone” times still included SwingBot. Whether he chose to or not, he could join or watch. This time, he would not have those options. It was a very big step for us.

It worked well for me. Upon my arrival at BG’s house (another change from our regular dates), we promptly started making out. Mouths and hands exploring while bodies rubbed. It did not take long to get to the bedroom. There, I lay back while BG sucked my clit and fucked me with his tongue. We switched to 69 with me on top, before I was back on my back and with him deep inside me. I asked for Doggie Style for a finish, and was amazed by how hard he fucked me. I commented on that as we lay in the afterglow, and he said that his bed, bouncier than ours, probably helped him.

We spent a lot of time talking… just chatting about this and that. We lost track of time and had a late dinner. After we returned, we chatted a bit more while digesting, before returning to making out, stripping each other, and one more fuck for the road. Despite the late hour that I left, I felt energized and quite happy with my night.

It was a great ending to my day.

Not long after I got home, though, my energy started to wane quickly. I needed to make the bed before I could get into it, and finished that just before SwingBot got home from his engagement. We both fell into bed and both entertained different thoughts about what to do — including ravishing each other — but were both tired and just fell asleep.

I like that, though I could not have them together, I still got to enjoy both men.