Ice Dildo Fantasy

Even in the heat of summer, we are still horny. It seems like a good opportunity for some cool temperature play.

We use the dildo ice mold to freeze a dildo-cicle. To protect against little ice crystals, we put the dildo-cicle into a condom. You use your fingers to apply lube into my waiting cunt, including a little two-finger trick to help me really get going. Then you remove your fingers and slide the dildo-cicle into me.

The shock of cold is painfully intense, yet thrilling at the same time. The cold feels uncomfortable around my entrance, but is genuinely enjoyable deeper inside. I push hard against the frozen toy in your hand, trying to make it go deeper still.

Finally, I cannot take the unrelenting cold anymore, and you cannot wait anymore. You withdraw the dildo-cicle and set it aside. You insert your erection into me and almost flinch from the shock of the lingering cold. Still, we are warming quickly…