Simultaneous And Sequential

Much as I want the right to choose, sometimes I just do not want to have to choose. For instance, being sandwiched between two men during Double Penetration is hot, but so is being fucked sequentially by two men… and choosing between the two acts can occasionally be difficult. So, huzzah for getting both, like I did on Wednesday.

Despite telling myself last week to resume making agendas — or at least start coming up with ideas — for play dates, I let this Wednesday’s play date sneak up on me. We reached the bedroom with nothing having been discussed. SwingBot had made no requests or suggestions, BG had made none, and I had no specific ambitions. Without any ideas, I removed my leggings and underwear. That caught the men’s attention and got us going.

BG focused on my lower half, while SwingBot focused on my upper half. BG explored my legs and feet before dedicating oral attention to my cunt. SwingBot alternated his mouth among my breasts, throat, and mouth, before altering his position to receive fellatio. At one point, I took one of BG’s hands in mine, moved it to my cunt, and inserted one of his fingers to not-very-subtly suggest that he finger me while he sucked on my clit.

SwingBot suggested a change of position by commenting on the blow job, “You’re going to have to stop that if you want me to fuck you.” He then got onto his back and I climbed aboard. After mounting SwingBot, I asked BG, “Do you want to join us in the back?” I noticed that I was pretty tight, with one cock in each lower orifice.

It felt incredible, of course, but I noticed my endurance was low that time. I would not be able to maintain the position for long, and really wanted to feel someone other than me climax before stopping. Upon hearing my request — which required a few repetitions, since I was not entirely coherent — the men displayed remarkable control. BG came first and SwingBot immediately followed.

We collapsed with me in the middle (hee) and rested for a while. No one drifted to sleep, as sometimes happens and we chatted a bit about whether a quickie would be viable before ending the night early (since I had something to do early in the morning). BG said that he would not be ready within the remaining time, but SwingBot pushed my legs back, above my head, and that position apparently changed BG’s mind. I stayed on my back, my legs up high, as BG fucked me again and SwingBot watched. After BG finished, SwingBot suggested that I climb back on him; he was ready for a second time, too. I was delighted to take the opportunity for sequential sex and climbed aboard.

I love fucking both men simultaneously, but also love fucking them sequentially. Getting to do both approaches in one night was awesome.