Being Selfish Is Fun

Being in tune with others’ feelings does not come naturally to me. So, I have worked at being considerate so that it is second nature to me. Despite having discussed it for many months (possibly years) with SwingBot, I still struggle with being demanding about what I want. It taps too much into my genuine nature, the one that I routinely suppress.

Still, if I am going to insist that SwingBot be more open about what he wants, then it seems only fair for me to be, too. And, if he and I both want me to be more dominant, then I need to allow my instincts and wants to sometimes overcome my doubts. So, I admitted that I wanted last week’s play date to be all about me. I wanted to be the center of attention, not just the center of action. I wanted foreplay, with kissing, snuggling, hugging, touching, fondling, stroking, and licking. I did not have any specific act or position to achieve; I just wanted to be savored and enjoyed by my two partners. I wanted my body, not an act, to be the thing desired.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

The men were in SwingBot’s office by the time I was ready. I had showered to rinse the day away and unbound my hair, letting it flow for a change. I joined them, wearing a robe and slippers, and we soon migrated to the bedroom. SwingBot took a detour to the bathroom for his own shower. BG joined me in the bedroom. We quickly stripped each other and fell back onto the bed, making out, and SwingBot joined us.

Two mouths, two sets of hands, two bodies… all for me. I touched what I could reach, sucked and kissed what my mouth could reach, and responded to the caresses and kisses that I received. The attention overloaded my senses, and also my ego. This was not some particular threesome act that we were doing; this was attention from them, to me, and from me, to them.

Speaking of positions, we certainly did those, too. SwingBot got on his back and I mounted him in Reverse Cowgirl, so I could get fucked while still receiving cunnilingus from BG. Not only was that physically thrilling, but BG provided helpful support to let me better stay upright. Soon, I requested Double Penetration and turned around on SwingBot. BG joined us in my ass and I got swept up in the strangely circular sensation of being fucked vaginally and anally simultaneously.

SwingBot came, moving with those definitive thrusts that I love so well. BG continued to fuck me, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that SwingBot still had an erection after his orgasm. However, that did eventually soften and slip out. So, I asked BG to change the condom and continue his efforts in my cunt. While BG changed condoms, SwingBot left for the bathroom to clean up. He returned and held my hand while BG fucked me until he achieved his own orgasm… and I achieved my who-knows-th climax for the evening.

Poor SwingBot, having been doing a lot the days up to the play date, was exhausted. We made the bed for him and then BG and I migrated downstairs, to the couch. There, we made out again and played with a few different positions. After sex, we chatted for a while, before he drove home and I went upstairs to snuggle SwingBot (who was, surprisingly, still awake).

I noticed that my mood the following morning was light and playful, and very much discordant with the grey and oppressive rain that continued for the fourth day in a row, at least. Being selfish and just admitting what I want, rather than second-guessing what everyone would be comfortable, really worked.