Greedy Girl Party Fantasy

SwingBot, BG, and I go to a club. I am going Greedy Girl style; any stranger that wants to fuck me gets to do so.

However, SwingBot and BG do not get to, yet. They are watching me and making sure that I am okay. I am bound to a bed and blindfolded.

We have two vibrators. One of my companions runs the one on my clit. The other is in case anyone opts for anal. In that case, the second vibrator goes in my cunt, giving me Double Penetration.

I do not see who is coming and going. To me, it is just a string of men who appear, fuck me, and disappear.

Some give longer, lingering fucks, caressing my breasts, hips, and legs.

Some just thrust in, grab my legs or hips for leverage, and pound until they cum, and then leave without an additional touch.

Since there are restrictions on anal (having to be coupled with the vibrator, having to not be too big, etc.), only a couple of the men opt for that. The second one is the last of the string of men. He takes it deep and slow, and actually handles the vibrator in my cunt himself, focusing more on that than on his own cock.

He pushes the vibrator in double time to his own thrusts. His care to my cunt and ass make me cum harder than any previous partner has that night.

Thanks to this being a fantasy, no condoms were needed, and my cunt and ass are dripping with cum, mine and the men’s. After that second anal partner, I call the fucked-by-strangers thing quits for the night.

But I am not quite done with sex. SwingBot and BG are still there, after all, and after watching me fucked by so many men, they are ready to get off themselves… and I’m ready to have them do it… in me.