Short Five Hours

BG came for a play date this Wednesday. Despite his being with us for five hours, the date seemed short to me.

That might be due to the fact we had to spend some time wrestling with a drawstring-fit sheet for the bed. SwingBot and I just started wrestling with that when BG arrived, and then he helped SwingBot while I attended to other stuff.

That might be due to the fact we went out for dinner, with a wait among a crowd, though plenty of tables were empty during our wait.

That might be due to the fact that SwingBot and I had to take out the trash that night (up a long and steep driveway), and then returned from that chore to find that one of our dogs had jumped the fence into a neighboring yard. That gave me another hike up the long driveway, a walk a couple houses down, and then a hike up and down a huge yard on a hill. We also spent quite a bit of time after that discussing dog containment options.

I think that about three and a half hours of our five hour date had passed before we actually went to the bedroom with the intent for sex.

Never fear; we did actually reach the bedroom and we did even have sex. BG primed me with cunnilingus for quite an enjoyable while. After that, I went on all four for him behind me while I performed fellatio on SwingBot. That lasted an impressively long time, too. My arms gave out more than once before either man did. At least the one time that we had sex was not short during the short play date. 🙂