Why Not CraigsList

When deciding to get into swinging, we signed up for multiple sites, some based on search results and some based on recommendations. One site that we did not try, despite having it recommended to us, was CraigsList.

SwingBot has bought and sold things through CraigsList, and the experiences tended to be negative enough that he prefers to avoid it, particularly for selling things. I tried posting a couple profiles of foster pets that were available for adoption. The responses I got made me very uncomfortable with the idea of adopting the animals to the respondents. So, the idea of finding a casual sex partner through that site seemed repelling, to put it mildly.

Still, back in December, I got curious and decided to browse the ads. I found one ad for “m4mw” that seemed well-written, sane, and even sexy. I answered the ad. The man responded pleasantly and I replied again. Then, he sent this message:

I have no idea what language you’re speaking because your spelling and grammar is all fucked up so I’ll take it like you’re an internet spammer. Good luck with your scams and good bye!

Exactly ten minutes later and before I had replied, he sent this message:

Okay… did I take you wrong? Would you like to hook up, you and I?

If you read this blog, then you have some idea how I compose my writing. When I regaled the tale to SwingBot, he replied incredulously, “Your spelling and grammar?” It was undoubtedly a waste of my time, but I did respond one final time to Mr. Crazy, suggesting that he run my “fucked up” message through a spell and grammar check… as well as bidding him goodbye.

So… I think that we will continue to not use CraigsList for now.