SpareParts Joque Harness

Disclaimer: No one sent us this harness, financially supported Week Bi Week, or otherwise paid for this review.

Pegging is fun. SwingBot and I both enjoy when I fuck him with a toy. However, I do not do it nearly enough for either of us and, when I do get out a toy, I often just manipulate the toy with my hands. Now, I love to use my hands. I get to see SwingBot flat on his back, or bent over, and watch the work I do and his reactions. I get to stay in control, often even staying dressed, which gives me a special thrill. Still, being able to actually pound him, thrusting with my hips, is a lot of fun.

However, it has often been difficult, sometimes involving more work than payoff. We have a couple of great harnesses for flat-based dildos. However, I get little feedback with those; I can slip out without noticing. I get better feedback with double-ended dildos, and our Feeldoe Slim works quite well. Unfortunately, its no-harness-needed design does not work for me. Maybe my muscles are not strong enough, or maybe my tendency to push rather than grip is to blame. In either case, using the toy without a harness results in me focusing more on holding it in place than on fucking SwingBot. We tried one harness made for double-ended dildos, but using that harness was worse than going without.

Huzzah for the World Wide Web, with its sex forums and sex blogs. Someone posted that the SpareParts Joque Harness worked excellently with Feeldoe dildos. So, I ran a search, and found more praise and enthusiasm for the harness. I watched the video on Babeland’s site about how the harness is worn and used. I read more reviews. So, I discussed it with SwingBot and soon we had one…

…That we let sit and collect dust for three months, thanks to various complications. I had tried it on and adjusted it as soon as we got it, testing how it felt with a double-ended toy and with a flat-based toy. It felt wonderfully solid, so I looked forward to when we could use it.

As St. Valentine’s Day rolled around, the perfect opportunity seemed to present itself. I had a wonderful vision in my head: SwingBot bound on all fours while I rode his ass with the Feeldoe Slim, secured by the new harness. Except we somehow became ridiculously sedated that night. We did play a bit the following night, and then I succumbed to a cold.

By this Wednesday, I still had mild symptoms of the cold, but mostly had my energy back. SwingBot and I both felt ready to play. He prepared first. By the time I entered the bedroom, he was lying on his back, wearing just a hooded robe, the robe loose, but not quite open, and the hood over his eyes. I flipped the robe open at his crotch and licked at his cock. That elicited a reaction, and soon an erection, which I sucked while playing at his ass with a flat-based dildo. After I was able to actually use the toy inside him for a while, I decided to finally employ the neglected new harness.

I donned the SpareParts Joque Harness, then fit the Feeldoe Slim inside me and the harness, and had SwingBot, still on his back, spread his legs wider. We placed a pillow under his butt to lift it, which gave me good angle. The toy, nicely lubed, entered with relative ease. SwingBot’s gasps and the arching of his back indicated that he enjoyed it.

The harness was an incredible enhancement. The toy remained solidly in place, letting me have a decent sense of feel. My hands were completely free to do anything that I wanted. I did not have to focus on the toy; I could focus on the fucking. While my hips thrust eagerly, my hands explored. I cupped them around SwingBot’s throat. I grabbed and held his legs. They were unfettered and free, and both of us noticed the difference. Meanwhile, I kept thrusting, not wondering whether the dildo had slipped or not. Eventually, one hand held one of SwingBot’s leg while my other hand masturbated him to intense climax.

After a clean-up, we settled to bed and discussed the improvements to pegging that the new harness provided: the stability, the free hands, the improved certainty as to where the dildo was. While I still plan to use the other harnesses for flat-based dildos when I get to be Lucky Pierre, I think that the SpareParts Joque Harness is going to be our default pegging harness… and that we are going to be pegging more often.