Fever Sex

I think it was about a month ago that I shared the Dick And Jane Temperature Play post with SwingBot. He found the idea of having sex with a sick partner, just for the sake of playing with temperature, a little bizarre. I figured that he might change his mind if we ever had the chance when I was sick, but still okay enough for sex, and he was healthy.

However, generally he gets sick first and I get sick as he recovers. By the time he is well, I am too ill to play. We have had sex when he is feverish plenty of times, so I know what it feels like to have an abnormally hot partner. When would he ever get that experience?

In an odd turn of events, I caught a cold last week while SwingBot was fine. I started showing symptoms on Thursday night and was definitely sick (and quite self-pitying, and horny) on Friday. Saturday brought fever, slight dizziness, and a snotty nose to join the general tiredness, headache, and sore throat.

It was just a cold, so I could still function; I just needed to take it easy. I canceled my social plans for the day and started the morning with breakfast, running the dishwasher, and folding the clean laundry that had been sitting on top of the dryer. I carried an armload of clothes up the stairs, opened the master bedroom door, and…

…SwingBot greeted me with the bedclothes flung off his naked body, waggling his morning erection invitingly. Feeling somewhat dizzy, I mostly ignored the sight and put clothes away. I am a tease, though; I went over to his cock and gave it a long, solid lick from balls to nearly the tip. Then I resumed putting away clothes.

SwingBot rose and stood behind me, poking his erection at my butt. He gently guided me to the near side of our bed, pulled my leggings and underwear down a bit, bent me over, and started rubbing his cock against my exposed cunt. Of course, my sick-induced indifference disappeared with the feel of the head rubbing at my entrance. SwingBot applied a little lube and slide inside.

As he thrust, he marveled at the surprising temperature difference. He could tell that I was feverish, from how hot I felt. For my part, his cock constantly felt slightly cool, staying noticeably lower in temperature than my own body heat.

Afterwards, we talked a bit about temperature play, such as my “hot mug trick” that he loves — in which I suck on his cock directly after drinking from a hot mug — or the use of refrigerated glass dildos.

While neither of us want me to be sick, we did both enjoy this opportunity to try sex while I had a fever and he did not. It allowed for an interesting sensation for each of us.