Not A Great Week

I debated whether to say anything about this week. It has been a week of ups and downs and is exiting with a slap in the face… or rather a tickle in the throat.

Saturday, I was out for the morning. BG came over and helped SwingBot clean the garage. When I returned, all three of us went out for lunch. That was good. BG joined me for when I walked my dogs. We all went out for dinner. That was nice. Through a misunderstanding and some underlying tension, SwingBot and I got into a brief argument. He went to bed and I had sex with BG on the couch. While the sex was good (and something that was building before the argument), the argument and post-argument sex and the feelings they caused SwingBot were bad.

Sunday started well, with morning-after sex between SwingBot and me in the bathroom. I was either about to shower or getting out of the shower, and he was elsewhere, planning to masturbate, and realized, “Hey, I could have sex, instead!” And we did. That was easily the high point of Sunday, the rest of the day being filled with unfulfilling activities.

Monday was… unmemorable. Really.

Tuesday was St. Valentine’s Day and our anniversary as a couple… our tenth anniversary. That should be a big deal. I had this lovely afternoon and/or evening mapped in my head. We would retire to the bedroom, where I would have the bed made out like for a play date… only this play date would be just for the two of us. I would put SwingBot in a collar, bind him in a suitable position (probably on hands and knees), and fuck his ass with a strap-on. That was how I envisioned the later part of the day.

Instead, I exhausted myself with volunteering in the morning and taking the dogs out. We went out for lunch and for shopping so that we could do fondue at home for dinner. I stayed busy up through dinner, never getting around to preparing the bed (beyond stripping the bedding). Then we had dinner. Neither of us are sure what was in the food, but we both felt like we had been sedated. This went beyond food-coma; my muscles felt incredibly weak and heavy. We crashed heavily on the couch for a couple hours, and then dragged ourselves up to the bed, hauled ourselves through returning the bedding to it, and the crashed heavily into the bed quite early. All night, even when I lay awake in the early morning, my body wanted to move as little as possible. I have not felt that sincerely exhausted since I was medicated for surgery. We slept almost solidly for twelve hours.

So much for my sexy ideas for St. Valentine’s Day and our tenth anniversary.

Wednesday had highs and lows. I had fun going out shopping with a buddy, but all I got was a cold. I went out to meet with someone from a local kink group and was nothing more than a sounding board… not exactly a fun get-to-know-you meeting or something to make me excited about attending the kink group’s munch tomorrow. SwingBot and I did get to have sex twice that night, though. First, I applied his blue collar (he looks so good in blue), bound his wrists above his head, and fucked his ass with a dildo while masturbating him. That would have been enough for me, but he surprised me by inviting more when we went to bed after that. He asked whether I would like to sit on his face… well, heck, yes! Some divine tongue work on my clit and cunt eventually led to Cowgirl. Wednesday ended on a definite high.

On Thursday, I started to feel symptoms of the cold that I probably got on Wednesday morning. I wasted the bulk of the day on web sites when I should have been drawing. I did drag SwingBot out for a walk with me and the dogs, which I enjoyed, though I do not think that he did.

And here I am to today. My nose is mostly clear, but I do have the sniffles. My ears constantly need popping. My throat outright hurts. My stomach seems to get upset after I eat. I am too tired to sit up and draw (composing this is exhausting and requires breaks). Nothing that I hoped to do today is getting done: walking dogs, doing laundry, drawing… all forgone so I can snooze on the couch. I think it is safe to say that sex is out, too. And I had planned to attend two social gatherings on Saturday: the local kink munch in the morning and a group of friends that I rarely see in the evening.

Sure, all my complaints are petty and small while other people have larger problems, but this is my whininess, darn it, and it has not been the kind of week one wants to remember.