Menstrual Horniness Cycle

Not at all surprisingly, my menstrual cycle affects my horniness. The routine usually goes something like this.

From About A Week Prior to A Few Days Prior:

I start getting crankier and shorter of temper, with an increasing desire for chocolate. Since I tend to be short-tempered and typically like chocolate, I do not tend to notice the gradual increase until I really inexplicably snap or feel oddly vulnerable, like I want to cry.

From About Three Days to The Day Prior:

I get horny and really eager for chocolate. I do not just want a watery hot cocoa; I want a chocolate bar or a gooey cookie. And I want sex. I cannot get enough sex. I want penetration everywhere, all at once. I am not a size queen, but this is the closest that I get. I want large, hard, and deep. This would be an awesome time for me to be the middle of a gang bang or Greedy Girl party.

Day One:

I am still insatiably horny. My craving for chocolate is still around, too, though mostly replaced by a craving for salt. My menstruating is paired with cramps, so sex would both help with my sex cravings and with the cramps.

Day Two:

The raging desire for sex, chocolate, and salt are gone. Since I still am cramping, I still “want” penetration-driven orgasms to ease the discomfort. However, I am not at all horny on this day and am unlikely to try for the orgasms. I just feel cranky, icky, and crampy.

Days Three And Four:

The cramping has mostly or entirely stopped and the flow is light. The moodiness is gone, too, replaced with a sense of relief to mostly have my own body and mind back. A slight desire for sex has returned, though at a manageable and lower level. My body has started to tighten. The enthusiasm for size and depth is gone and toys that seemed hardly adequate a few days ago now cannot even enter or take effort.

A Few Days After:

The tightness lingers a while, but play helps get things relaxed and receptive again. The body goes into “normal” until the next time.