Make You Work for It

I need to learn how to create a romantic mood… or at least a sexy one. What is the right atmosphere for getting two heteroromantic bisexual men to boff… particularly when the woman present feels unattractive and plans to stay dressed and just watch?

I shall post about my menstrual horniness cycle later (because you are dying to know, right?), but I become insatiably horny beforehand and on day one… and day one has historically been on a play date. This week’s play date was unusual; it was on day two. On day two, I feel gross and nasty. I wore stretchy jeans and felt sexy in those… as long as I remained in those. I was not going to get undressed!

I probably should have shared my intention to stay dressed with SwingBot and BG. I had told each individually that I was menstruating, but had not sufficiently conveyed the difference significance of day two. In my defense, SwingBot had been talking about feeling receptive, and I had conveyed that to BG, so I figured that everyone was good for a long-overdue night of man-on-man.

Of course, that conveniently forgets how to get the men started. Neither one is really big on kissing other men, so that is out. I do not know how much BG likes to explore another man’s body, but SwingBot likes “suck and fuck,” but also is not assertive about it. So, they both staunchly stayed dressed and lounging on the bed, uselessly inert.

I told them, “I’ve had sex with you [SwingBot] without you [BG], and I’ve had sex with you [BG] without you [SwingBot]. This time, you two can have sex without me!” I think I had crossed from cheerful over to manic by the time I finished that suggestion. Neither seemed swayed. I left the room while saying that I would not be offended if I returned to find them “busy,” returned, poked my head in the door, and found them still dressed, talking about video games. Frustratedly, I hauled SwingBot’s jeans and underwear off of him; his socks were already gone and I know that he sometimes prefers to wear his shirt. Then I did the same for BG, though also got his socks. When I got a small toy and lube for SwingBot, BG finally took the initiative to remove his own shirt.

SwingBot was able to remain casual when I inserted the small toy, so I stepped it up to a larger toy. He still managed to seem unfazed, but I soon had help. I lubed my free hand to rub BG’s cock while I still handled the toy in SwingBot’s ass, readying them simultaneously. I got a condom and discovered that opening a condom packet with two lubed hands is tricky. Still, I managed to free the condom and apply it to BG’s erection, plus add another application of lube, plus remove the toy to free SwingBot’s ass for BG. BG climbed aboard and entered with ease.

Concerned that they still needed encouragement, even now, I got a glove, lubed it, and slipped a finger in BG’s ass. He told me that it was too much, so I abandoned that. I stroked SwingBot’s cock, and he told me that he would cum too soon if I continued (and he cannot take anal sex anymore after he cums), so I was free to let them do their thing and just enjoy the show. Which I did. They were too occupied to see the enormous smile split my face… a smile I wore many times afterwards. From the moans that they made, I think that they enjoyed themselves, too.

I cannot believe all the work it took to make two horny men have sex. SwingBot told me later that he stayed so indifferent and passive because, “I wanted to make you work for it.” Argh!

I figured that was enough for the evening, but BG did not. I stayed dressed while he made overtures to put me in the mood. He was competing with my feeling gross and my failure to do anything (like shave my legs) to prepare for the date (because I was feeling gross). He finally removed my jeans and panties and started to show appreciation for my smell, which I expected to be off-putting. That he seemed to still be excited finally made me feel like maybe I could have sex, after all. I excused myself for a quick clean-up and returned for further attention.

With me on my back, BG focused his mouth on my cunt and clit while SwingBot focused his cock in my mouth. I enjoyed the dual attention, though took a little longer than usual to really get going (maybe a few minutes rather than immediately), due to my lingering self-consciousness. I did finally just get swept up in the action, using my hand and mouth on SwingBot while grinding against BG’s mouth. SwingBot took over his cock for a while, masturbating himself to bring himself close, and then returning his cock to me to climax in my mouth.

Shortly after that, BG rose to get a condom. During the brief time that I received no stimulation, I must have started hyperventilating, because SwingBot commented, “Uh oh, overdrive.” I think he was right; I felt release and relief when BG’s cock penetrated. I also stopped feeling self-conscious until a little while after we finished. Heh, think I was distracted a bit?

I liked the sex that I received (obviously), but what left me grinning stupidly the rest of the night and the following was my mental video (with audio) of BG fucking SwingBot’s ass. Of course, I also appreciated being made to feel sexy when “grody” is how I felt.