Shaving Down There

Personally, I dislike the look of clean-shaven (or waxed) genitals. They look young, immature… and… well, naked… not in a fun way. I appreciate that many people do not want to deal with pubic hair while performing oral sex, but I prefer a neat trim over a smooth shave.

That is not to say that I have not enjoyed when SwingBot has shaved for me. The smooth skin does feel nice, and I appreciate the effort and the change of pace. However, I think I prefer it as an occasional treat, rather than as a regular thing. He keeps himself clean and neatly groomed, which suits me fine. I do dislike the stubble that all too quickly follows a smooth shave.

I have never shaved “down there.” I have never wanted to. As I said, I find it visually unattractive. The thought of the guaranteed stubble disturbs me almost as much the risk of nicking such a sensitive area. Even the advertisement of “It makes the area so much more sensitive” is not appealing; with neatly trimmed hair, I am already sensitive enough to cum easily or go into overdrive. Even with that protective layer, I am sometimes too sensitive.

Waxing is an even less appealing possibility. Not only would I still deal with the facts that I find it visually unattractive and may be overly sensitive, but I would also have to deal with waxing. I wax certain areas and know that waxing — for the first several times — is extremely painful and often leaves a bloody, horribly bruised mess. The areas that I wax now — bikini, underarm, and thighs — all had to go through that nasty stage. Also, if I leave them unattended too long, then I have to go through that ugly pain all over again. In case that is not bad enough, ingrown hairs are not merely a possibility, but a guarantee, and some will definitely result in huge and painfully swollen bumps. This is not mere speculation, but an educated guess, going from my experiences waxing other areas.

So, my two options to get the area bare are both unattractive, and I find the end result itself unattractive. Despite this, I am thinking of trying it for the first time ever.


Our tenth anniversary for us as a couple is coming. I would like to do something different, unusual, and exciting for SwingBot. I lack imagination, but know that this is something he would be interested in me trying. Years ago, he had asked about it, and I had flippantly said, “I’ll shave when you will,” figuring he would never shave. Except that he did, and has done so many times since.

He does not hold my failure to uphold my part of the deal over my head (except sometimes playfully), but he would like to see me try it. So, I figure that it would be a nice thing to do.

Still, I am struggling to find a positive way to look at it. The experience is going to be nerve-wracking and potentially painful. The result is going to be ugly to me and any enjoyment that I derive from it shall be short-lived. I have been surprised by the number of people who claim to regularly shave and expect the same of their partners (apparently many swingers, for example, stay clean-shaven), so I know that it is possible. Yet…

Composing this post has been cathartic, as I expected, but has not built my nerve any.