Playing Solo Again

This Tuesday, SwingBot was once again unavailable for playtime, this time due to working that evening. We still kept the date, anyway. The three of us had dinner and watched a movie that both SwingBot and BG had previously seen, but I had not. After finishing dinner, SwingBot left for work and BG and I continued to watch the movie through its end.

After the movie, BG and I went to the bedroom and I stripped him without disrobing myself. I kept his shirt on his arm, loosely binding them above his head. He lay stretched out on the bed, wearing only his makeshift bondage, open and exposed while I remained fully dressed. I sometimes love the sexy feeling of a man lying naked and vulnerable, while I remain clothed, and apparently was in such a mood on Tuesday.

I got him a small dildo and used it to manually fuck his ass while stroking his cock. With his arms upraised and “bound” and his ass fucked by the toy, I masturbated him to orgasm. There is a certain thrill that I get from this act; it is the only sexual act that can leave me feeling satisfied without vaginal attention.

I felt content, but he still wanted more! He undressed me and then, with me on my back, licked my cunt and sucked my clit. SwingBot came into the bedroom at that point and lay beside me. He smirked at me, amused by my expressions from my orally-induced orgasms. SwingBot left while BG continued his attentions. Wanting something for my clenching vaginal walls to grasp, I had BG insert his fingers into my cunt as his mouth focused on my clit. BG worked on me a very long time, eventually bringing me to a painfully intense (though still awesome) orgasm that paralyzed me for a moment.

At that point, he got a condom, moved himself further up on me, and fucked me while I still lay on my back. After a while, he repositioned me so that I lay on my stomach, and he continued fucking me in that position until he climaxed… his second for the night, versus my… who knows!

We lay together for a while, until my naked flesh felt cold and I got dressed. SwingBot returned at that point, ready to head to bed. So, BG left and SwingBot and I went to bed for the night.

BG is awesome on his own, as is SwingBot, but I hope to have the two of them together again soon!