In my Monday post, I noted that SwingBot can get me going when I am not even thinking about sex. Sometimes he can do that to his detriment, as he did on Saturday night.

I was preoccupied and definitely not in the mood for sex when, early Saturday evening, SwingBot lay on the couch so that he was facing me, pulled his cock out of his jeans, and started stroking it and lightly waggling it at me. He got the desired effect. My other thoughts left my head, I hopped over, and sucked on his erection for a while. We then trooped upstairs and I rode him to our mutual satisfaction.

Sort of.

I somehow became insatiable. SwingBot was feeling a little ill and our quickie exhausted him. I felt energized and eager for more! Since we had been preparing to get dinner and groceries, we dressed and did that. Once home, SwingBot just wanted to rest, play video games, and maybe go to sleep early. Food had not made him feel any better. I was still craving more sex. Finally, SwingBot told me to make sure that BG brought a milkshake for him on the way to our place. When I checked that it should be vanilla, SwingBot replied, “You know that I’m vanilla,” which made me laugh.

BG happily accepted the invitation and arrived with milkshake in hand. I greeted him in nothing both a robe and we headed quickly to the guest room. Since SwingBot might want to sleep before we would be done, the master bed was made up for sleep, not sex. The rarely used guest room, however, now had bedding, condoms, lube, a few toys, and some drinking water. I quickly doffed my robe and stripped BG, first yanking off his shirt, then pushing down his jeans and underwear, and then kneeling to suck his cock. I interrupted the fellatio long enough for us together to finish pulling off his clothes and migrate to the bed.

On the bed, BG lay on his back and I resumed sucking his cock. My body navigated itself so that we were in 69 with me on top. BG licked my cunt and ass, sucked my clit, and tongue-fucked me. I sometimes moaned around his cock and sometimes stopped my work when my excitement caused me to clench my teeth together. I often partnered my mouth — or sometimes replaced it — with my hand, jerking him off while I sucked him. When he seemed close to climax, I interrupted us to request that he fuck me.

I got on my stomach and got a vibrator, telling him that I wanted DP. I think that he might have thought that I meant DVP, since we had recently talked about how I went from an absolute “No!” on that to now a “mayyyyyyyybeeeeeee someday…” He lay above me and fucked my cunt, which felt wonderful, but was not what I wanted at that exact moment. I interrupted him and told him to move to my ass, and inserted the vibrator into my cunt. The DP felt terrific, but the toy was hard for me to to hold in place in that position. So, I interrupted us once again to switch it for the double-ended Nexxus, Jr., using one end as a handle. Now I was feeling just what I wanted and as closely replicating the two-man DP experience as I could with a toy and one man, and I could concentrate on the sensations and the orgasms they brought.

BG came just as SwingBot opened the door to check on us, the first of two times that night the two of them had such timing. BG and I relaxed a bit, both in SwingBot’s company and after he left. We made out, letting our hands and mouths explore and maintain the excitement while BG recharged. Once he felt ready, we played with a few different positions — all with me on my back and him above or in front of me — getting into a good rhythm. At one point, while BG was above me, with his back to the door, which I could see over his shoulder, SwingBot abruptly flung open that door and shouted, “A-ha!” BG jumped in surprise, causing us both to laugh. It left him flustered, but was funny, and I confess that the startled thrust felt pretty good to my greedy cunt.

Having done his damage, SwingBot disappeared again and BG resumed fucking. Whether from the previous orgasm, SwingBot’s interruption, or general tiredness, BG needed a break. Since I had enjoyed plenty of orgasms myself and knew that a break would earn me more, I had no objection. We rested and drank water until BG felt recharged enough to settle his head between my legs and start eating me out. That felt so good.

This time, he got on his back and I climbed aboard. I rode him hard in Cowgirl. At first, I mostly ground against him (which I prefer to do in Cowgirl), but something — possibly the sensitivity of my cunnilingus-engorged clit — made me buck him and ride him harder than I typically ride in Cowgirl. He was soon thrusting his second orgasm of the night into me.

We took another break, him spooning me. While we rested, SwingBot checked on us again, noting that the carpetless guest room is directly above his office, where he has been listening to my happy screams and the bed thumping the floor. Eventually, BG felt up to one more bout and fucked me in Missionary position. For the second time that night, SwingBot checked in on us just as BG climaxed. SwingBot then opted for bed, and BG and I lay on the guest bed, I spooning him this time.

I still felt horny enough that I got one of the vibrators and used it on myself for a while as BG held me close. After that, we lay in the bed for quite a while, BG drifting in and out of sleep while I rambled about anything that came to my mind. During his more conscious moments, I asked him questions about his past experiences, such as how readily other women climaxed, how loud they were, and about the swingers clubs he had attended. Eventually, when he seemed unlikely to fall asleep at the wheel, I sent him home and myself to bed.

In the morning, I lay groggily in bed and thought about jumping SwingBot, but was worried about how he was feeling. Almost on cue, he said that he had an erection, but was not sure that he wanted to do anything about it. He eventually got up and I continued to sleep in. Later, when we were both up and he seemed to be feeling better, I sucked on and played with his penis until he had an erection. This time, he invited me to continue. So, I climbed aboard and rode him until he bucked his climax.

I am not sure which is funnier from Saturday night: that SwingBot got me uncontrollably horny and needed to “call in the cavalry,” as he put it, or BG’s jump when SwingBot shouted “A-ha!” during our sex.