SpareParts Joque Harness

Disclaimer: No one sent us this harness, financially supported Week Bi Week, or otherwise paid for this review.

Pegging is fun. SwingBot and I both enjoy when I fuck him with a toy. However, I do not do it nearly enough for either of us and, when I do get out a toy, I often just manipulate the toy with my hands. Now, I love to use my hands. I get to see SwingBot flat on his back, or bent over, and watch the work I do and his reactions. I get to stay in control, often even staying dressed, which gives me a special thrill. Still, being able to actually pound him, thrusting with my hips, is a lot of fun.

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Playing Solo Again

This Tuesday, SwingBot was once again unavailable for playtime, this time due to working that evening. We still kept the date, anyway. The three of us had dinner and watched a movie that both SwingBot and BG had previously seen, but I had not. After finishing dinner, SwingBot left for work and BG and I continued to watch the movie through its end.

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