Dead Vibrator

Due to crushing my finger on Tuesday, I did not masturbate last week. My hand was not fully functional (and still is not, though is much better) and my desire to get my blood racing was pretty much non-existent. I did not particularly notice the lack (probably something to do with pain and other preoccupations taking over) until SwingBot made me cum repeatedly on Friday night.

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Not Exciting

I crushed one of my fingers yesterday morning, so blood-pumping activities like sex were not really that attractive to me. We decided to meet for dinner and movie instead. Ever since BG mentioned “The Birdcage” (1996) some while back, I have wanted to see it again. The movie aggressively stereotypes — particularly homosexuals, drag queens, and Republicans — but does so with a lot of humor and still shows great love and friendship among the characters. I remembered loving the film, and yet had forgotten so many fun parts of it!

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Sleep Sex

I love sleep sex, but am not a rewarding person with whom to try it. Apparently, I sometimes respond to advances with slaps, kicks, and/or making some grumpy noise while turning away. Other times, I might seem to be awake and even respond favorably, but still be asleep for quite a while. So, I do not actually wake enough to appreciate what is happening until a lot of work has already been done, unnoticed. There were a few times that I woke to find SwingBot fucking me, I commented it was a great way to wake, and he replied with dismay and annoyance, “What about all that oral I just did on you?”

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BG’s Perspective

Since play dates can run late and BG has a half-hour drive (after wearing himself out), we agreed that he sends a “home safe” message when he gets home. This morning, his “home safe” message surprised me with a write-up of last night. BG agreed to let me post it, and I thought his perspective to a play date would make an interesting entry. The following are his words:

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Surly Flattery

Sometime last month, SwingBot and I were out running errands. He had been in a foul mood and I was helping him slowly come out of it. So, he bore a stronger “people suck” state of mind than usual. I assume that he was feeling a touch of “us against the world” when we had this exchange.

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