Navel Contemplation

SwingBot and I have been such a sad pair this past week. He broke his elbow and then his tooth. I went in for surgery. He needed heavy painkillers, but abstained while I was on them, so one of us would not be fully muddled. Now, he is on and off heavy painkillers and I am getting back to normal.

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Conditional Compersion

I get jealous easily, though I think that I handle it pretty well. (SwingBot and former boyfriends might now be mopping the drinks they just spit onto their monitors after having read that.) My initial reaction, when surprised by an interest or attraction that my partner has for another person, is to feel some sense of possessive jealousy against the previous unknown. That changes quickly, though, to enjoying the idea of my partner having fun with the other, once I get over the initial shock.

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