Christmas Present

I just sat and calculated it. We did not have a threesome in over a month. That explains why I was pining for some DP activity these last two weeks, and so eager to be the center of a sexy sandwich.

In other news, in the second half of this year alone, I have gone from never anticipating that I would have a threesome to missing them when I do not have them regularly.

We had scheduled a date to drive around the area and look at the houses that had set up incredible Christmas light displays. BG came over early in the afternoon, so we could also exchange presents and have a play date, leaving the dark of the evening wide open for the Christmas light tour. Not sure what we should do first, we sat in the living room for a little while, chatting. Knowing me quite well, SwingBot headed to the bedroom, and BG and I quickly followed.

It did not take long for BG and I to get naked and SwingBot to have just a shirt. Mindful of his many recent injuries (broken elbow, broken tooth, second broken tooth, stabbed back, and sliced fingers), we started gently on SwingBot. He stood by the edge of the bed while I sucked and licked on his cock and BG did the same for my ass and cunt. BG then came forward and joined me in sucking SwingBot’s cock. Using only our mouths, we swapped the penis between us, sometimes BG taking it fully in his mouth, sometimes I taking it fully in mine, and sometimes we two sharing it, each licking at it as it transferred from one mouth to the other.

When he felt that he could safely lie on the bottom of a three-person pile, SwingBot got onto the bed and I got on top of him. I definitely enjoyed riding him while BG prepared himself for backdoor duty.

Being filled by penis both vaginally and anally at the same time, is so… what is the word? Hot. Satisfying. Fulfilling. Incredible. Amazing. You get the idea. It seemed like the thrusts of one emphasized the presence of the other. I do not know how much they felt each other’s cocks, but they were practically rubbing each other, with me as the barrier. The fucking almost felt circular, rather than in-and-out. It was a constant source of thrilling sensation. Greedy as I am, I almost worried that I would collapse before they were done.

Their orgasms released me and I was happy to lie between them, sweating, panting, and pleasured. BG licked at SwingBot’s cum-covered cock, and then at the juices mixed in my cunt, finding SwingBot’s semen pleasantly sweet. From that, BG started fucking me again, this time in my cunt. Good as that was, it was too soon and he was still tired. So, we went downstairs and exchanged gifts, ate dinner, and watched a movie. I had intended to only share the start of the movie, but we somehow were content to let the evening slip by, cuddled comfortably on the couch. I do like settling against one with my legs draped over the lap of the other.

When the movie ended, we decided it was late for trying to drive around and find brightly decorated houses… particularly when sex could be had instead. We trooped back into the bedroom, this time SwingBot lying on the bed while I sucked him and BG fucked me from behind. I asked for a blindfold, wanting to restrict my sight and go entirely by touch. I doubted that I could manage DP again and was pleased to have Spit-Roast, but SwingBot knew me better than that and suggested DP. Okay, yes, I suppose…

Our position was a little more challenging this second time than it had been the first time. My pelvic bone dug into SwingBot’s hip for a while, and BG was not able to get a good angle for his cock during that time, instead inserting a finger. Still, we eventually got it right, with one cock each inside my cunt and ass. Somehow, their climaxes seemed more intense this second time than during the first.

SwingBot left the room to shower and play a video game. BG and I continued resting for a while, until BG felt frisky enough to masturbate himself with one hand and me with his other at the same time. He brought himself to climax, ejaculating on my exposed breasts. I grabbed at the hand that was fingering me and forced it harder against me, grinding and giving myself an orgasm with his inserted finger. I then asked him to eat me out to one more orgasm, but rudely failed to tell him when he had managed to give me two or three, only saying so when he stopped and asked. At that point, SwingBot returned to find us barely hauling ourselves off the bed. We took turns showering and, after dressing, BG went home with possibly our shortest make-out goodbye so far.

SwingBot and I changed the bedding and fell tiredly into bed. I enjoyed the contented sleep of one who had enjoyed quite a pleasant Christmas.