Earlier this week, SwingBot and I opted to play a little before settling down for the night. Nothing complicated or involved… just a little toy action before I rode him to our mutual satisfaction. Easy and enjoyable.

Facing him from between his legs, I manipulated a small toy into his ass, with the aid of lube, masturbation, and fellatio. He was tight from tension, so it took a bit of work… but such fun work it is. I was pleased by his sharp intake of breath and writhing when the toy entered fully. Enjoying the view, I stayed seated for a while, alternating among pushing at the toy, stroking his cock, and rubbing his inner thighs.

Eventually, though, I wanted a ride, so I climbed onto him. The instant I slid down onto his erection, my first orgasm hit. It took over without warning, without build-up… it was promptly there. I spent the rest of my ride in… well… I am not sure. I may have been having many, many sequential orgasms, or a few sustained orgasms… I just spent the time mostly in climax, with some moments of clarity.

This was not the first time that this has happened, and I highly doubt it to be the last, but it startles me every time… in a good way, of course.