Fantasy: Pleasure Bound

You look good, lying spread-eagle and face-up, your wrists and ankles bound in the leather cuffs that are bound to the bed and your neck bearing the leather collar. Much as I want to see the fear-tinged lust in your eyes, the blindfold suits you so well. You cannot see, of course, as my gaze sweeps over the rest of your body, which is naked save for those six bits of leather.

To convey my appreciation, I touch you. Starting from your knee, one hand glides over your near thigh. My fingers scarcely brush you as they travel past your hip, deliberately avoiding your sex. The light contact creates a slight tickle up your stomach and ribs, but the skimming of my palm over your breast makes your breath catch and interrupts the urge to giggle. Still, my hand travels higher, until it rests at your throat.

I apply a little pressure to your collar. It is not enough to choke, but your mouth opens in surprise and slight anxiety. I take advantage, leaning low to place my mouth on yours and slip my tongue through your parted lips. I keep my hand in place, restraining your movements as you respond to the kiss. Abruptly, I pull back, withdrawing my mouth and hand both, severing all contact. Your head follows, seeking, but you cannot rise far, bound as you are. You cannot see my satisfied smile.

You can hear, though, the buzz of the vibrator that I select and start before returning to you. Without contact, your body tenses slightly in anticipation. I resent being so predictable to you. Letting the vibrator continue to buzz, I keep it away from you and place my mouth on just the inside of your hip. You jump in surprise, and I smile again, even as I lick your skin. The licking becomes slight sucking, and you writhe slightly. The slight sucking turns into harder sucking, which then gets mingled with biting. You gasp and cry out while you struggle with your bonds. I stop and pull back, and your body collapses like a marionette whose strings were cut. The freshly created bruise looks good on your hip.

I decide to punish you for having anticipated that I would use the vibrator on you. So presumptuous! I set it between your legs, but close to your knees, too far to effectively touch you, even if you struggle and jostle the bed. I climb over you and proceed to mark you with my mouth in various places. Sometimes I start lightly and build, but sometimes I simply bite. Your vulnerable flesh feels good to my vicious teeth and tastes wonderful to my tongue. After creating enough angry bruises, I do not always have to cause pain to get a satisfying reaction. Sometimes just breathing lightly on you, pressing my lips to you, or touching my tongue to you makes you shudder, twist, and moan in fear.

I like this anticipation from you and reward you accordingly. I lower my cunt to your mouth and grind suggestively. You comply and I whimper from the feel of your tongue on my clit. Much as I want to lose myself in the sensation, that is not my purpose right now. Keeping my cunt at your face, I bring my face to your cunt and, without warning, give a single, long, hard lick from the top of your pubic mound, over your clit, and pushing your labia apart to plunge my tongue inside you. We proceed to lap at each other’s wet cunts, you pinned beneath me and still bound to the bed.

I shift my weight to my left hand as I reach between your knees with my right. The still-buzzing vibrator on your already-sensitized clit makes you gasp and stop the delightful tongue work that you have been doing. You make a mixture of moans and whimpers as the sensation builds. You try to return to the cunnilingus that you were providing, but have difficulty focusing. When the orgasm hits, you buck your hips and strain hard enough against your restraints that I have to focus my attention entirely just on staying over you and holding the vibrator in place.

I pull myself upright and off of you. I switch the vibrator off and set it aside. You twitch and shudder so attractively as you come down from your high. I give you a few moments to calm yourself and then proceed to remove the restraints. I begin with your left ankle, and then your right. I progress to your right wrist, and next free your left. Finally, I pull the blindfold from your eyes. I can see the haze of lust over them is mixed with some disappointment… a questioning, “Is that all?”

Then you focus on the strap-on harness that I donned while you came down from your high. Its silicone cock is standing at attention. I gesture with a spinning motion of my hand that you must flip over… because no, that is not all.