Morning Mounting

I spent last Friday horny. Okay, okay, I spent much of last week horny… nothing new there. Anyway, Friday seemed particularly exciting, for no particular reason. I masturbated twice that day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

By the time SwingBot and I went to bed, though, I was tired. He expressed some interest, but I suspect he was tired, too. I think he hoped for a session in which he lay back while I climbed aboard, but I was sleepy. So, we slept.

On Saturday morning, I felt much more awake… and interested again. The soft bedding kept me warm and comfortable, and SwingBot lay readily available beside me. I snuggled closer to his side and reached out one hand. My hand slid over his torso, from near the bottom of his ribs, across his stomach, down to his cock. There was no erection to be found, so I sculpted one from his malleable cock, stroking it until it hardened into the desired shape.

My hand reveled in the feel of the cock for a while, but not just my hand wanted to enjoy it. I interrupted what I was doing long enough to get some lube. Since the brief time on my lone hand was not enough to warm the lube, SwingBot gasped as I applied the cool sensation to his hot erection. Continued friction and his body heat soon overcame the cold and his body responded to the pleasure that my hand gave.

I threw back the warm covers, exposing us to the cold air. Then I rose, climbed over SwingBot enough to straddle him, and lowered myself onto his shaft. Barely after I settled onto him, I started grinding and riding him for my own pleasure. His cock felt wonderfully filling and, of course, more natural than the toys I had recently used. I loved the feel of his hips between my thighs and his skin beneath my hands.

I mostly moved fast, as is my typical way, but broke my rhythm in an attempt to try slower, longer thrusts. SwingBot asked whether I was in pain, since the change was so abrupt and so unusual for me. I quickened my pace and explained between breaths that I had tried for slow sex, but was not good at it. I continued to ride him with faster movements.

My hands rested on his chest, though I wanted to reach higher. Just as I was trying to figure how to best maintain my balance and motion while also reaching for his neck, SwingBot took my hands in his and placed them at his throat. It was like he read my mind. I held my hands around his neck, careful to avoid applying too much pressure. The point was not to choke, but to provide a collar from my hands… to say “Mine!”

Soon, I could feel the familiar thrusts that suggested SwingBot was near climax. I focused more on stabilizing myself than on moving. He grabbed my hips and bucked fiercely as I held on; he thrust fiercely into me as he came. I rested atop him for a moment, and then rolled off and collapsed onto the bed, beside him.

After our senses cleared enough for conversation, he asked me again about the slow motions earlier and I reiterated my explanation, that I had attempted for slow sex. “But I’m not as good at it as you are,” I noted ruefully. “You’re too impatient,” he laughed, and I had to agree. In any case, at least we both enjoyed that morning’s mounting.