Favorite Sex Toys

Christmas is coming, and Christmas is a time for toys! Lots of toys! In honor of this solstice celebration turned Christian holiday turned major commercial event, I am going to list my current favorite toys.

Favorite Vibrator:

Sinnflut Reality by Fun Factory

I love this toy and am shattered to learn that it is discontinued. We got this several years ago and it is still my go-to vibrator. I play with other toys, too, but this one almost always gets included. When I opt to not use it and try to have something else fill its role, just for variety, I generally miss it and still grab it, anyway.

I used to use it for simple in-and-out masturbation and still do that, but now heavily employ it as a clitoral stimulator. The power of this toy is divine and its shape hits me — inside or outside — so well. It is rechargeable and waterproof… and I cannot understand why it was discontinued! Unless it worked too well. We did buy it seven or eight years ago and only lately have I thought about maybe getting a replacement. The switch, which progresses through the different vibration powers and styles, sometimes turns the vibrator off now. Still, after seven or eight years of service…

I think that the Sinnflut Phantasy is still in production (though I could be wrong on that; it is easier to find, anyway). It seems to be similarly shaped, so I might try it as a replacement.

Favorite Dildo:

Nexus, Jr. by Vixen Creations, Inc.

The Nexus, Jr. is a double-ended dildo, but I do not use it as such. Instead, I use the partner-penetrating portion on myself and the portion to be “worn” (does it qualify as “wearing” when on the inside?) as a handle. The bulbous end fits so nicely against my A-spot and the shaft feels incredible going in and out. It is a bit on the large size, so sometimes takes a little work, but is always worthwhile!

I would like to use this double-ended dildo “properly” sometime, but the toy is thick and the bulbous end that I enjoy so much might not be welcome in SwingBot’s derriere. We both find that slim, smooth toys with few bumps are preferable for anal play. A huge bulb on the end qualifies as an undesired bump. Speaking of pegging…

Favorite Strap-On:

For dildos, I really like those from the Bend-Over Beginner Kit. We got that kit years ago, but the small and medium toys that come with it are still our default strap-on toys. They are nicely sized and ideally smooth. I do wish that the small one were longer, since we find that we generally do not want girth as much as length when pegging. Particularly, slipping out during an angle change is a risk with the small dildo.

For the harness, the KinkLab Adjustable leather harness won me over. It is sturdy, attractive (mine is an unapologetic hot pink), adjustable while able to maintain a set size from one use to another, and still allows plenty of access to me while keeping a dildo in place. I have been “Lucky Pierre” in this harness; can it possibly get better than that?

Honorable mention goes to the Feeldoe Slim double-ended dildo. I do like this long and slimmer toy and the bulb does feel good inserted. Unfortunately, the delightful theory that it can be used without a strap-on harness does not work perfectly for us in reality. Coupling it with a harness typically made things worse! I have read that the Joque Spareparts harness is fantastic for the Feeldoe dildos and we did get the harness. However, we have yet to try it; we got it while we were out of commission. I plan to try it for our next pegging session, though, so we shall see how it fares.

Favorite Lubricant:

Liquid Silk personal lubricant is absolutely amazing. SwingBot and I love this stuff. It does not get tacky, it does not have an obnoxious taste or smell, and it resembles cum. That last point struck me as weird at first, but now I like that detail. The fluids are nicely consistent, whether from the bottle or from us.

Honorable mention goes to WET flavored lubes and BabeLube from BabeLand. The WET flavored lubes have a pleasantly delicate taste, not an obnoxiously overpowering flavor. This is particularly surprising, considering how chemically WET Original tastes. BabeLube is very viscous, so is not great for general use, but makes a nice “buffer” lube when applied to anal toys. This works nicely when paired with a thinner lubricant that is injected via a Lube Shooter. I also find this lube helpful with the Nexus, Jr. Much as I like that toy, something about its texture can rub me wrong inside, and I need a lot of lube (or a viscous lube) to overcome the uncomfortable sensation.

Other Fun Stuff:

I do enjoy our restraint gear, most of which is from JT Stockroom. SwingBot looks amazing when decked out in a leather collar and cuffs; he knows that I cannot resist him like that. We have a few different sets of cuffs, including plain black leather, brown leather with fake fur padding, and black leather gauntlets. For looks, I prefer the plain black leather, but for comfort, I think the padded ones are nicest. Whether on me or on my partner, a blindfold is a welcome addition. Our spreader bars and other restraints are quite nice. I am learning shibari, so hope to get good at knot-tying and attractive rope bondage. So far, I have little opinion on that, other than that nylon rope feels good to the fingers and looks pretty in the knots that I have tried.

Considering how often I call SwingBot “my favorite sex toy” and we refer to BG as “our fucktoy,” I would be remiss if I failed to mention them. So, there, consider them mentioned.

What are your favorite sex toys? Do you have any that you would recommend? If so, then why? What makes some toy so special?