Like A Chainsaw to A Morning Wood

*Note: This was originally written on September 1, 2011. I have just been waiting for a good moment to post it.

It is a Thursday morning and I am lying in bed alone. I am awake enough that I could easily get out of bed, and it is around the time to do so. However, I stay in bed, enjoying my fantasies.

On Tuesday night, I had my first two real MFM threesomes. The evening started with cunnilingus from two men, progressed to double penetration (vaginal and anal together), later continued with spit-roast (fellatio and vaginal sex), and concluded with an intense one-on-one with SwingBot. The men had taken me to incredible heights of pleasure, and then everyone had to return to reality on Wednesday. SwingBot’s reality was particularly harsh; he had to fly across the country and not return until Friday. Not a fun way to follow a night of new territory within the realm of kinky sex.

So, I had this passionate night, followed by a dry day. At one point in the early evening, I did pull out two vibrators and gave myself a poor imitation of Tuesday night. I managed to bring myself to near-hyperventilating orgasms twice through clitoral stimulation alone, so that was certainly something. As I often do on the first night when SwingBot travels, I stayed up much later than usual, less than keen on going to an empty bed.

However, the bed is remarkably luxurious and physical comfort (and lingering arousal) did overtake me in the night. I slept between two body pillows and snuggled one with the other pressed against my back. I imagined that I snuggled SwingBot while BG spooned me. So, by this morning, my mind is full of fantasy.

I’m thinking about trying double penetration again, maybe trying a new position that will allow both penises to stay and move inside me.

I’m thinking about one man fucking me while the other alternately licks my clit and applies a vibrator.

I’m wondering whether SwingBot would be comfortable with receiving a massage from me and BG together, and whether BG would be willing to help give the massage.

I’m thinking about the pure sensuality of lying between two men, feeling their bodies close to me, feeling their hands running along my body, feeling their skin as I caress them in return.

Combined with my heightened senses, the soft sheets, and the warm bedding, this last one almost feels real. It seems like I can feel a man’s hand oh-so-lightly touch my right butt cheek, cupping it so very gently, and sliding his open hand up, over my right hip, slightly crossing over my abdomen and ribs, and tenderly landing on my left breast, barely holding it. I stretch and writhe slightly in response to the remarkable phantom sensation.

And then a cat walks onto me and sits on my chest. And a dog eagerly plunks himself beside me and noses at my face. And another cat joins the first, purring incredibly loudly. And a second dog dances on the bed, her tail wagging.

Right, fantasy over. I’m awake. I’m out of bed.