Earlier this week, SwingBot and I opted to play a little before settling down for the night. Nothing complicated or involved… just a little toy action before I rode him to our mutual satisfaction. Easy and enjoyable.

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Fantasy: Pleasure Bound

You look good, lying spread-eagle and face-up, your wrists and ankles bound in the leather cuffs that are bound to the bed and your neck bearing the leather collar. Much as I want to see the fear-tinged lust in your eyes, the blindfold suits you so well. You cannot see, of course, as my gaze sweeps over the rest of your body, which is naked save for those six bits of leather.

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Every Man Wants Me

On a sex discussion site, someone asked, “Can men and women be friends without a sexual agenda?”

To which I respond, “Really?” with disbelieving exasperation.

Even better, some women actually responded with answers along the lines of, “Every man I have ever befriended/known has wanted me sexually.”

To which I respond, “Really,” with disbelieving coolness.

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