Recharging My Sense of Touch

Warning: This is very long. I probably should have split it into separate posts, but here it is, in all its wordy glory.

Two weeks ago, the planets aligned in such a way to tell me, “No sex for you!” I responded with frustration and two less-than-fulfilling masturbation sessions. Then SwingBot fucked me in the shower and got me excited again. Eagerness renewed, I tried masturbating again, and still found a lack of success. Then the next two nights were filled with success… for me, anyway.

Last Sunday, fueled by the morning shower sex, I decided to try another multi-toy masturbation session later that day, specifically around dinner time, so my chances of being caught would be high. (I later made a mental note that I should also send a message beforehand or take a phone with me, to increase my attention-getting chances.) I had the recent sex, I had the equipment… and I was so close… so close to an orgasm.

And still so close… and still so close. Eventually, soreness from the inserted toys and numbness from the vibrator on my clit started to kick in. I gave up and sat in a V-stretch for a while, sulking at the toys that rested between my parted legs. SwingBot found me there, looking pouty and dejected… a very wrong response to a private party! He laughed and told me that now I could understand how those who do not climax easily feel (he being one such person).

Speaking of him climaxing, I interfered with that the following night. His back continued to give him problems on Monday night, so he took a painkiller and we scheduled a massage. I worked on his back, trying to break up some of the many knots in it. Even when we do not intend it to, my work on his back gets us both aroused. However, he had taken a painkiller and I always refuse to play with him when he has taken medication. This time, though, he did better than beg; he strapped a new ball gag into his mouth. I cannot resist him in bondage gear; drugged or not, he was going to be sexed up!

We kept the gag, added a blindfold, and bound his wrists to the ceiling bar, so he stood upright and open. Since he was medicated, I opted to skip a spreader bar for the ankles. I proceeded to nibble, lick, and grope at his vulnerable body, cherishing the sight of him bound for my pleasure and reveling in his soft skin. I got a toy and used it to manually fuck his ass while sucking his cock. When the toy was definitely going to stay on its own, I bent forward and opened my cunt to his erection. Being half a foot shorter than he, I bent very low to raise my opening as much as possible. In turn, he spread his legs and bent his knees to help with the height difference. His cock slid into me and we fucked, standing upright, joined only at the genitals. His hands were bound near the ceiling and mine were planted on the floor, supporting my position.

I felt myself lose control more than once, enjoying the different experience. Unfortunately for SwingBot, I came a few times and the release freed my mind enough to worry about him when he said something unintelligible through the ball gag. I promptly pulled away from him and stood upright to check on him. He pushed the gag out of his mouth enough to protest, “I was about to cum!” My hand on his erection confirmed that; no wonder I had been enjoying myself, the shaft was definitely at engorged to orgasm-imminent hardness. Doubting that I could return to my position before the moment was lost, I grabbed a handful of lube and started stroking him. I suspect that he found it less fulfilling than an uninterrupted orgasm would have been, but he did cum from the manual stimulation.

BG arrived for the first time in ten days the next night. I had just been in the shower and was still undressed, trying to comb my hair, when SwingBot answered the door. I heard them talking about video games, so walked out of the bathroom, naked and with comb in hand, and asked from the top of the stairs, “Should I get dressed?” BG appeared at the bottom of the stairs, looked up, stared a moment like he could not believe what he saw, and then bounded up the stairs to me. When he reached me, he still seemed to disbelieve his eyes, but then recovered and we were soon making out, my naked flesh pressed between his clothed body and the cold wall behind me. Keeping our bodies and mouths pressed tightly together, we shuffled into the bedroom and carefully pushed ourselves together onto the bed. SwingBot came upstairs and saw the clothed BG on top of the naked me and commented, “You two don’t waste any time.” I held up the comb that was still in my hand during this whole time and said, “I just got out of the shower, and was trying to comb my hair,” as if that explanation would curb snide commentary.

Continued kissing and contact eventually led to BG and I having sex while SwingBot offered a hand where needed, literally. He provided the condom and lube and, while we fucked, fingered my ass and massaged BG’s testicles. The additional stimulation enhanced the sex for both of us and we achieved climaxes easily. BG offered this entertaining line about his orgasm: “I came so hard that I think I flipped my eyelid weird. That’s a first.” We rested a while until BG expressed his readiness for more by positioning me to sit on his face. I did that quite happily while SwingBot opted to focus on BG’s lower half. First, he masturbated BG’s cock. BG clearly enjoyed the hand job and seemed close to climax from that.

I was about to advise SwingBot to stop before BG came, so that I could take advantage of the erection, when SwingBot decided to do that himself. He doffed his pants and underwear, got a condom, lubed up, and gently settled himself upon BG. BG was still eating me out, so I kept trying to find a way to keep myself rooted to the spot while looking behind me. SwingBot later said that he found my attempts to turn without leaving BG’s mouth very amusing. He likes underhanded manipulation in sex, which is fun and frustrating at the same time. SwingBot eventually found BG’s cock — and having to support his weight with his legs in such a tight squat — too much, so he dismounted. Not wanting to waste the erection, I requested that BG fuck me again. As if reading my mind, BG arranged me into Doggie Style; I had not specified, but that was the position I wanted. As ever, SwingBot provided BG the lube and condom; BG then provided me the cock.

We went out to dinner, all of us indulging in slightly heavier meals than truly recommended for anyone wanting to have sex afterwards. SwingBot took painkillers during dinner, so was getting sleepy. BG had slept a mere three hours the previous night, so was also getting sleepy. By the time the men were crashed on the couch and love seat in our living room, I was seriously questioning my chances for more sex that night. But I so wanted it! Fortunately, BG somehow became roused enough to approach me and indicate interest through kiss and caress. Since I was sitting and he was leaning over me, I took the opportunity to free his erection from his pants and suck and lick his cock until it was decided that we definitely would be going back to the bedroom.

SwingBot’s back and drugged state meant he would be immobile, but that did not mean he had to be left out. He lay on his back and I bent over him to perform fellatio. BG pleased me from behind, again in Doggie Style. After BG came and collapsed, I noticed how exhausted my arms were from the awkward angle; I was over SwingBot sideways, so one arm could post between his legs, but the other kept having to stretch across his torso or close to me. So, when BG collapsed, SwingBot noted that I could, too, and I said that I would; “My arms are killing me.” Then SwingBot said that I could climb on as another option, and I was immediately on him. “Your arms aren’t that sore,” he mocked. “My arms are sore; my lower body’s fine,” I countered as I proceeded to ride him.

When SwingBot came, I collapsed between him and BG. Amazingly, I still felt horny. I wanted BG to finger me and then fuck me with SwingBot’s semen lubricating me. I pressed my back against BG, snuggling into his front, and pulled his hand to my crotch. He responded a little, but was clearly asleep. (I swear I am going to start insisting that he get a full night’s sleep before play dates.) I do not recall how I got him to eventually wake, though I think it was by turning to face him and kiss him until his responses showed consciousness. I successfully did wake BG, though, and get him interested in one more time. SwingBot just wanted to go to sleep. He decided to rest elsewhere while I had my fifth fuck of the night, and BG and I commenced. I wanted to feel BG cum in me one more time, and he gave a valiant effort to oblige, but ultimately could not quite get there. “I’ll probably be ready in an hour, but by then I’ll be home,” he complained.

Finally, I let SwingBot get the bed for sleep and let BG go home for his rest. I find it amusing and sad, though, that I went from arousing myself and then failing to achieve satisfying climax to arousing others and interfering with their climaxes. In my truly selfish fashion, though, I have to say that I am glad that my sense of touch was restimulated by the sex that I got.