Playmate Names

I should have asked for input before I gave BG that name. “BiGuy” might be succinct, but certainly is not as entertaining as other suggestions since provided.

SwingBot routinely referred to BG as “Fucktoy” when discussing our exploits with friends in the know. Not “our fucktoy,” but “Fucktoy,” using it like a name. That alone was amusing, but what made me laugh was when one of those friends was also referring to BG as “Fucktoy,” again, using it like it was his name.

That prompted me to discuss my initials usage, which prompted SwingBot to provide a better initials suggestion: “AP” for “Auxiliary Penis.”

Another friend-in-the-know of SwingBot’s referred to BG recently as “Tuesday Todd,” referring to the regular Tuesday play dates. “Tuesday Todd” promptly replaced “Fucktoy” as SwingBot’s codename for BG. I like it so much that I am thinking of adopting its use, rather than continuing with “BG.” That might confuse my readers, though.

“Tuesday Todd” inspired this conversation between SwingBot and myself.

Me: “We should get a collection; one for each day of the week.”

SB: “Monday Maurice.”

Me: “Tuesday Todd.”

SB: “Wednesday Wally.”

Me: “Really? Wally? Not something similar, off by just a letter?”

SB: “Oh, hah, I see what you did there. You perv. Wednesday Willy. And if we find someone Scandinavian, then we can have Thursday Thor.”

Me: “He’s very adept with his hammer.”

SB: “Friday Frank, keeping with the theme of buns and sausages.”

Me: “On the weekend, we can mix it up a little with –”

SB and Me: [unison] “– Saturday Sandy!”