Inadequate Summaries

Blogging about sex sometimes frustrates and disappoints me. Specifically, my failure to successfully recapture the pleasures experienced during sex frustrates and disappoints me.

My posts tend to be long, as I try to note all that happened in a threesome play date or an evening between SwingBot and myself. Despite the length, the average post still is straightforward and lacks fine details. A post generally reads to me like a dry list. “This happened, and then this happened. Then we did this.” Where is the sensuality? Where are the parts that read like an explicit romance novel?

Those get lost in the interest of actually finishing the post. Just trying to include everything takes a lot of effort and time. Pausing to expand upon how a particular lick made me gasp, or how I lifted my hips in a vain attempt to get more pressure from a teasing tongue, or how a sudden thrust made me cry out and my muscles clench interrupts my progress. The words required to capture one evening’s passion could take over a week’s worth of daily blog posts. Much as I like reminiscing, when would I have time to actually experience anything?

I wonder what to do about that sometimes. I ponder different options, like:

* I could have fewer experiences, so I could spend more time documenting those that I have. Uh, no.

* I could become much sloppier in my composition, typing in a very stream-of-conscious style without reviewing what I created and just hope that someone can make sense of it. Not likely to work.

* I could pick some particular moment or sensation from each session that I record and focus only on that, rather than document the whole session. Maybe… but I would miss the activity’s flow that way.

* I could stop noting every threesome session and start focusing only on a select few. That has some merit, particularly since I anticipate eventually going that route if we keep having frequent sessions. I already do not document every time SwingBot and I have sex between just us, or every time I masturbate.

* I could continue what I am currently doing and maintain my indecision. This is the current winner, though I think that I really like that previous option.