More Than Genitals

Last week was fairly dry in terms of sex for us. BG was gone for the week, which meant no play date. I started suffering pain from my recent “simple procedure,” enough that I discussed options with the doctor, which included having the procedure reversed and redone with the more common alternative. Concerned for my pain, SwingBot and I agreed to ease up on sex in the mean time. My period started early that week, which generally keeps SwingBot at bay. Finally, as if to seal our lack of activity, SwingBot was not feeling well, suffering intense back pain at the start of the week and coupling that with flu-like symptoms by the weekend.

Unfortunately, I was horny the whole time. By Thursday, I finally said, “If I am going to suffer post-procedure pain from activity, then that just reinforces the need to have the procedure reversed.” So, I called the doctor’s office to confirm that I wanted to have the procedure reversed, was told that they do the scheduling on Wednesdays, and went off to give myself a party. I thought about inviting SwingBot to come watch or help — though doubted that he could join — but decided against it. This would be my first time masturbating in a few days, at least, and I was not sure how well it would go. Besides, I was still in my menses and did not want to invite him for sexy times just to turn him off.

I made the bed, laid out a towel to absorb lube and other possible fluids, and spread out my tools. The Feeldoe for an ambitious try at anal penetration, the Nexus, Jr. for its delightful feel in vaginal penetration, the Sinnflut for clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration, a Lube Shooter for getting the lube “between the cheeks, not on the sheets,” and two lubricants, one thin and one viscous. I clicked on some music, slipped off my leggings and underwear, and settled down for solo play.

After lubing myself and the toys, I started with the Sinnflut alone, enjoying the vibration on my clit and labia. I sometimes slid it inside my cunt for a delicious change of pace, but mostly focused on the outside. When I felt ready, I inserted the Feeldoe. That was more of a challenge than I had expected; I should have gone for the Feeldoe Slim. Still, it worked, and I rode that and the waves of pleasure from the Sinnflut alternately massaging my clit and slipping into my cunt. Finally, I added the Nexus, Jr. and reveled in the way its round head hit my A-spot while its shaft rubbed my entrance. Double-penetrated with a vibe on my clit, I should have been riding the waves of orgasms.

Eh… but not quite. I had a couple orgasms, but nothing special. They did not feel satisfying to me. I opted to give up. I had already removed the Feeldoe, turned off the Sinnflut, and was giving myself some finishing-off thrusts from the Nexus, Jr., when SwingBot found me in the room. He took over and pounded my cunt with the toy so that I could not help but cum (and afterwards voice my typical complaint, “Why is that so much better when you do it?”), but I could not take much more. I was worn out and even that fierce orgasm felt… somehow hollow.

On Friday, I tried again. Aside from trading the Feeldoe for the Feeldoe Slim, the tools were the same. This time, I also armed myself with a nice fantasy of exhibitionism building to a five-way to fuel my desires, and elevated the head of the bed to make myself more comfortable. Again, I experienced a few orgasms. While they felt better than Thursday’s, they still somehow felt lacking. Near the end, SwingBot caught me again, and I immediately asked him to join me, at least to let me suck his cock. Not feeling well, he declined. I finished, giving up on the idea of finding that fulfilling climax.

My reaction to SwingBot’s presence made me realize what I needed. I needed physical contact. I needed attention to more than just that region. I needed a body pressed against me. Masturbation in memory of recent twosome or threesome sex worked because my body had recently been pleasured in so many areas. With the dry week, though, the attention I gave my cunt and anus was not enough to satisfy the rest of my body. However, at this point, BG was still unavailable and SwingBot was sick. My selfish desires would have to wait.

They would not have to wait as long as I anticipated, though. While I showered on Saturday morning, SwingBot joined me. Though we rarely shower together, the few times we do tend to be flirty more than fulfilling. Water makes a terrible lubricant and our hot water heater offers a limited supply of warmth. So, though this was unusual, I expected nothing too special to result from it, particularly with SwingBot still unwell. His hands on my breasts were unexpected and my reaction was even less expected.

I hate to use the cliched terms of “jolt” and “electrified,” particularly in a water setting. My reaction was… the sensation… woke me. I had been conscious, of course, but SwingBot’s hands on my breasts woke my whole body. My yearning for contact seemed to find its answer in those cupped hands. My hunger found both fuel and fulfillment at once. I felt instant satisfaction while also craving more.

The contact was all too short; SwingBot quickly left the shower for something, but then returned. He entered the shower behind me as I shampooed my hair, so I did not know what he was doing until I felt the head of his cock pressing against my nether lips. I eagerly leaned forward, my hands supporting me against the wall, the water pounding my hair and coursing down my back towards my rear, which I jutted up to SwingBot in response. This normally would wash lubricant away and interfere, but SwingBot slid easily into my eager cunt. I thrilled in the feel of his hands on my hips, his front hitting my butt, his thighs touching the back of my thighs, his balls slapping lightly. From those sensations and that of his hard cock fucking me, I came powerfully and satisfyingly. He joined me quickly afterward.

Apparently, this was a test of how well the new silicone lubricant he bought would work in the shower. We agreed that it worked very well. What also worked well for me, though, was the contact with his body.

Thank goodness for that, the next night, and the play date after that… lots of sexy contact was to be had during those times.