Human Bolster

I rely upon these threesome play dates too much. My body truly trembled slightly in anticipation — not nerves, but excitement — this Sunday night and Monday night. This week is not the first time that I have trembled while anticipating a play date, either. Am I becoming an addict?

My partners are not! BG told us that he could arrive earlier than scheduled, if we wished. When I asked SwingBot about desired arrival times, he replied that he had a gaming obligation. We did give BG an earlier start time, and he was late for that because — can you guess? — he was preoccupied with his new video game. Not only am I competing with video games, but I am apparently losing ground!

Despite that, we three did eventually find our collective way to the bedroom. SwingBot tied me to the bed spread-eagle and blindfolded me. BG’s mouth and fingers worked magic on my cunt while SwingBot mainly watched, but also attended to my other parts. BG then climbed up and fucked me while I was still bound in the same position. When he finished, SwingBot replaced him, though he readjusted the restraints so that my ankles were bound together and my legs up high. I adore them simultaneously, but consecutive fucks definitely have advantages, too.

Due to a previous conversation, I told BG after I hit my third orgasm while he fucked me. (That was not my third orgasm for the evening; I have no clue how many he gave me while he ate me out.) I abandoned count after number seven, since it was a continuous one or I hit multiple simultaneous orgasms at that point; I am not sure which. I reset the counter when SwingBot entered, but the first three orgasms were all so intense that I abandoned the count even sooner.

Announcing the count was a bad idea. After SwingBot finished (and I checked whether either of them was ready for another go and neither was), we went out to dinner, came back home, and rested on the couch before returning to the bedroom. During our rest break, the men asked for my orgasm counts. Neither was satisfied with my response that I could not even provide a ballpark figure and SwingBot expressed offense that my count with him ended sooner than my count with BG. They joked about getting me a clicker and a whiteboard, so I could “click” to announce an orgasm and someone could keep a running tally. Men. {eye roll}

Surprisingly eager for punishment, BG got tied into the spread-eagle standing position. We included the blindfold and collar and leash, but no gag this time. I do not think that he was really any noisier without it, since he tends to make plenty of loud grunts with it. This time, he made satisfying gasps and cries when I bit and left my scarlet mark on his vulnerable flesh. While I mostly focused on BG’s shoulders and back, SwingBot focused on his cock. I particularly liked when SwingBot knelt before BG and just left his mouth and tongue openly waiting for me to direct BG’s erect cock to him. I was too aggressive a few times, forcing the cock too far down SwingBot’s throat when he was not ready. Manipulating two subs at once is going to take practice!

Pardon me while I smile at that for a moment.

SwingBot and I sometimes alternated sucking on BG’s cock and even shared it between us a few times. I am not sure whether BG could tell which mouth was on his cock when, except when SwingBot was sucking and I was biting on some other body part. Process of elimination probably made who was whom clear then.

We eventually released BG, led him to the bed, threw him facedown, and anchored him down by his wrists. I climbed onto BG’s back to continue tasting his skin and grind against his exposed ass. SwingBot then climbed onto me and fucked me Doggie Style while I used BG as a bolster. BG below, sometimes bucking his hips up to push mine into SwingBot, and SwingBot above, thrusting into me, was definitely intense. Even without a strap-on to fuck BG’s ass, this variation of “Lucky Pierre” was delicious.

When SwingBot finished in me, we released BG from his bonds and he fucked me in Missionary. As he approached climax and asked whether I wanted him to cum, I told him to wait because I wanted to ride him first. We switched to Cowgirl and I rode him to his completion. Obnoxiously, I did check whether either was up to yet another go, but it was getting late and I was getting tired. I was able to sleep well that night, and follow it up the next morning with a blow job on SwingBot that started in my office as I tried to compose this entry and ended with Cowgirl position sex in our bed… which I then followed with a vibrator in my cunt and a dildo in my ass.

Playing with two men at once and wanting even more, manipulating men like dolls, using a man like furniture, following up hot sex with multiple-toy masturbation… Where is the woman of three or four months ago, who was often too distracted or too tired for sex? Honestly, I do not miss her.