Greedy Girl in Training

One concept that I learned about when I started researching swinging — particularly club activity — is that of the Greedy Girl. Greedy Girls have sex with multiple male partners, generally in the form of a gang bang or series of gang bangs. This is something that I readily accepted in theory, but doubted would be for me personally.

A man having multiple women partners at once never made much sense to me; orgasm puts a man out of commission for a while, while orgasm gets a woman going for more. Sure, a man can do more than just use his penis, but he still seems more limited in the number of women that he can handle at once. Assuming the women are interested in only him, he can do a maximum of four at once: one each for his mouth, his cock, and each hand. While his penis is out of commission, the count goes down to three, and many men get exhausted after an orgasm or two, and need to stop after more than that.

Even if they only focus on her, a woman can handle up to five men at once: one each for her mouth, her cunt, her ass, and each hand. When she orgasms, she can continue. When any one man climaxes, he can be replaced by yet another man, increasing the count of viable partners. A woman can take more partners simultaneously and consecutively than a man can. She is merely limited by her stamina (or by that of her partners, assuming the supply of men runs too short for her).

Both situations assume no toys, heterosexuality only, blah blah blah. Hopefully, you get my point that the societal norm fantasy of multiple women for one man makes far less physical sense than multiple men for one woman. So, I readily embrace the theory of Greedy Girl mentality and was pleased to learn of the parties dedicated to the concept.

However, I doubted that I would want something like that for myself. Being between two men is extraordinarily hot, but concentrating on both at once does take effort. How would I handle three or more? And how many could my body handle sequentially?

On Friday, I did something that is becoming a habit. I masturbated with three toys: one anal dildo, one vaginal dildo, one vibrator on my clitoris. SwingBot did not know until he came upstairs and caught me. One of my fantasies is to masturbate alone, be caught at it, and have help finishing myself off in some way or another. This is an easy fantasy to fulfill, so I pursue it pretty often. SwingBot manipulated the vaginal toy until I begged him to let me suck him. While I sucked his cock and had the toys still in me, I fantasized that I was with three or four men at once: SwingBot in my mouth, BG in my ass, some third man in my cunt, and a fourth licking at my clit. (I doubt that the fourth would have been physically possible, with a man at both my front and my back, but it was a fantasy.)

As I said, using toys to fill my ass and cunt — and sucking SwingBot when he catches me — has become habitual lately. Now that I know the pleasure of two men, I seem to crave a third. I wonder how SwingBot and BG would feel about me adding yet another man to the mix. More than that, I wonder whether I would be content to stop at three, or whether this is a sign of an unexpected new interest.