Why I Need Videos

As I previously noted, SwingBot actually photographed and recorded our play date with BG last Tuesday. Though we watched some of that content that night, I have not been comfortable with the thought of doing so again. I should get comfortable with it, though, since my memory apparently skipped at least one moment.

After reading Binding BG, BG commented, “You forgot to mention when you grabbed me by the hair. That was the big thing I was expecting to see in there, but did not.”

He is right. Sometime while we were on the bed, BG did something that I answered by grabbing his hair in mock-anger and forcing his face into the bed. Had I the courage, I could just peruse the videos until I reach that point, finding out what we were doing, what he said, and what happened when I finally released my grasp. As it is, I just do not recall… and do not have the nerve to watch the videos and find out.

So, I have the nerve to have sex with two men at once, and to then document it for the Internet public (though I think that only the three of us read these, plus a few of our more perverted friends), but am too timid to watch a recording of what happened and get all the details right.

Not related to videos, but to follow-up with BG… I like this one comment he made Wednesday about the bite marks I left on him: “Every time I sat down today I felt little twinges of pain in both of my ass cheeks. And then I’d remember where they came from, and I’d smile.”

On Friday (during a rare treat of a late shared shower), SwingBot told me that he had used the footage of me pegging BG as masturbation material that morning. Much as I find the photos and videos uncomfortable, I find the fact that SwingBot enjoys them in that manner extremely hot.

I blog, BG gladly suffers bite marks, and SwingBot views the homemade porn. We each have interesting ways of reminiscing.