Empty-Headed But Still Eager

Though my interest in sex is not waning, my ideas seem to be lately. Despite a brief bout of creative thinking last week, I seem to be horny but sexually uninspired lately. My masturbation sessions feel formulaic, and I am unsure when I last instigated a fresh activity in play, whether in twos or threes. Rather than imaginative, I seem to currently be highly susceptible to suggestion.

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Do We Have To?

One question that SwingBot and I never had as we started to explore the swinging lifestyle is “Do we have to have sex with others when we do not want?” Why would anyone voluntarily going into an adult hobby even think that s/he would be required to do a sex act that s/he does not want to do? However, I keep running into such questions on a sex forum from those who, like us, are just starting.

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Need to Get Laid

BG came over for our eleventh play date (I wonder how many until I stop counting) and I had a good time, but my mind is not interested in reminiscing. That is no complaint about the evening, which I enjoyed. Just… my mind seems to be driven more by creativity than by memory today. I am not sure whether this is a statement of my growing familiarity and comfort with the threesomes, due to a fluctuation in my hormones, or both.

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Cherry Flavored Vanilla Sex

This blog has primarily focused on the new sexual experiences that we get from exploring swinging. Though SwingBot and I obviously have sex just between the two of us, I have not celebrated it here very often. I mention this because, when I told SwingBot that I planned to write about our weekend, he commented, “You don’t blog about sex with just us; people are going to think that we only ever have threesome sex.” So, here is the disclaimer: Yes, we two have sex that I do not document here.

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Human Bolster

I rely upon these threesome play dates too much. My body truly trembled slightly in anticipation — not nerves, but excitement — this Sunday night and Monday night. This week is not the first time that I have trembled while anticipating a play date, either. Am I becoming an addict?

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