Binding BG

BG apparently enjoyed his experience of being bound upright, because he actually requested that we do it to him again for Tuesday’s play date. So, we did.

As we did on Saturday, we bound BG’s ankles to a spreader bar and his wrists to a suspended bar. He again wore the collar and leash, the bit-gag, and the blindfold. This time, SwingBot presented me with reins that he had created for the bit-gag. I had fun being able to pull BG back by his mouth and forward by his neck.

With BG standing spread-eagle, I explored his body with my hands and mouth… particularly with my teeth. I have not been so harsh on a body for a long time. He did not express much response when I stroked, rubbed, or licked his skin, but fierce sucks and sharp bites evoked satisfying gasps and shudders. By the time we eventually let him down onto the bed, he twitched when he felt my mouth near his skin, anticipating pain.

While we still had him upright, we used toys on both his cock and ass. We inserted an inflatable dildo that SwingBot pumped to create a knot slightly smaller than a baseball inside BG’s ass. While I tugged and played with that, SwingBot used a masturbator toy on BG’s cock, nearly bringing him to orgasm. Poor BG is considerate in warning us when he is near climax and this certainly did him no favors this time. SwingBot asked me whether we should let BG come or not, and I responded, “Let him down,” and meant more ways than one.

We released his ankles and wrists and guided him to rest facedown on the bed. I know that I pegged him with the strap-on at this point, but do not fully recall how I progressed to that, whether teasing him a little first or just having at his rear. Either way, I eventually stopped, had him lie on his back, and started to remove the remaining gear that was in my way. I wanted to nip at his neck, so the collar had to go. I wanted to kiss his mouth, so the bit-gag had to go. The blindfold stayed and I took advantage of the fact he was, by this time, expecting a bite every time my mouth touched his skin. I semi-randomly licked and sucked at different parts of his body, enjoying the fact that he twitched and shuddered from anticipation. To prevent him from getting too complacent with the gentler touches, I sometimes bit him hard.

Getting the condom, unfortunately, made enough noise to give away my plans. I like mounting a partner with as much surprise as I can manage in such a big maneuver; but tearing a wrapper and applying a condom is a certain giveaway of one’s intentions. Still, we both enjoyed when I slid myself down onto his shaft and proceeded to ride him. I rode him until he finally reached that climax that he had been so cruelly denied earlier. After that, I finally relinquished him of the blindfold.

We let him rest a bit, but somehow rest turned into him performing oral on me while I performed oral on SwingBot. I got so aroused that I asked BG if he would be willing to fuck my ass while I had a vibrator in my cunt. He said, “Hell, no! What kind of pervert are you?” No, I jest; he complied until we were both exhausted from orgasm. At that point, we opted for a break… and watched the videos of the pre-break sex.

Did I fail to mention that SwingBot took pictures and videos?