Bond Farewell

SwingBot had to go on a trip last Saturday. We expected to be apart for nine days, so he decided to give me a Friday night fond farewell… in the form of some sexy restraint action.

SwingBot got out the two sturdier spreader bars and put one above me and one below me. He put my wrists and ankles into the padded leather cuffs and tied me spread-eagle to the bars. He had planned to use reproduce our heavy toy session from the previous Saturday, but I turned out to be too tight for his purposes. He was still able to pleasure me with toys and fingers, but I spent much of the time requesting, “Go easy!” It is funny how that happens; the body can go from needing more and more to springing tightly closed and wanting just the smaller stuff… though it is extremely aroused in both cases.

I think my tightness and need for gentler attention damaged a bit of the experience for SwingBot, but fortunately did not kill the whole mood. After having me spread-eagle for a while, he unbound me enough to roll me over and tie me to another bar ensemble, this one forcing me to stay on my hands and knees. Though I remained pretty tight, he pleasured me for a while in that position, before returning me to my back and putting me in the stocks.

The stocks bind the ankles and wrists to the same bar, forcing the wearer to remain bent far at the waist. They are an excellent way to have full control over a partner’s body and keep a partner open. SwingBot proceeded to fuck me with my legs and arms pulled up high, out of his way, and my whole body under his control. This was absolutely awesome, until my legs decided that they had had enough of the position and needed release. The stocks are fun, but take some practice!

SwingBot release my legs and arms and finished us together without any restraints. Despite my tightness, I enjoyed the session. Unfortunately, I knew that it was not going to carry me for the next nine days, as much as make me really, really impatient for his return.