Play Date Fail, Masturbation Win

Despite having sex partners for over half my life, masturbation is still fairly new for me. Until recently, masturbation was still something I did rarely and privately. Quite belatedly, I am finally exploring myself and learning things others learn about themselves much earlier in life. Better late than never, I guess.

SwingBot, BG, and I had a play date scheduled for last Saturday. Due to unrelated physical problems in both men, we canceled. Terrible as I felt for their issues, I shall not deny disappointment. In case it has not been made painfully obvious by now, I enjoy these play dates.

Sometime around early evening, I wanted to masturbate. Instead, I stayed preoccupied with other things. So, dinner rolled around and I still had not played solo. My poor, suffering SwingBot suggested a movie with dinner and we opted for a very bad 80s horror movie… so campy that even I was not scared. The film had thirty minutes left when I begged off of it and requested porn instead, still planning to masturbate. I do not watch much porn, so SwingBot is always quick to oblige when I make the request.

We watched two bi-MMF threesome videos. Watching such a video and being able to empathize with the action, saying, “We did that,” is quite a thrill. While watching the videos, I took advantage of the fact SwingBot was wearing shorts and had his legs stretched across the couch, over my lap. I reached up the near leg and stroked his penis from soft to hard. I noticed that my motion tended to gain urgency during certain shots, such as those with MM anal and spit-roast. SwingBot’s cock also seemed to respond more, even before my hand’s tempo changed, during scenes such as MM anal. Nice to know we share interests.

By the end of the second video, my body was sick of lack of action. It had gone from maybe weekly sex with very rare masturbation to nearly daily sex with daily masturbation within the last two months, but had had neither in the last three days. (It is funny that three days is now a long time for no action; things have really changed!) I announced to SwingBot that I was going upstairs to masturbate and he joined me.

Together, we set out a towel, a sampling of toys, and a lube bottle. I started with my favorite vibrator and had planned to do a lot of clitoral stimulation (something that used to be uncomfortable, but has suddenly become a standard) before any penetration. I figured that I might be able to get myself to one vaginal toy and one anal toy with a lot of work and continued clitoral vibration. SwingBot started helping me with the vibrator, but then had to leave the room for a few minutes. During his short absence, I managed to set myself off. Within a minute or two, I plunged the vibrator almost full depth into myself, removed it and lubed up an anal dilator — one slightly larger than I truly believed could go — and put that fully inside, and then plunged the vibrator back in to almost full depth. SwingBot returned to quite a changed scene, from just starting to furiously pounding myself and trying to make everything go as deep as possible.

I told him about my unexpected need for depth and he got the Horse Cock. The Horse Cock is a very long dildo shaped like a small horse penis. It is not to scale; the diameter is 1.5″ and the insertable shaft is 10.5″ long, good for when seeking depth. Keeping the anal dilator in place, I withdrew the vibrator from my pussy and reapplied it to my clitoris. SwingBot lubed the Horse Cock and inserted it into my eager body.

The intense vibration on my clitoris kept threatening to push me into overdrive, but it did not happen. The experience of constantly being on the edge was one part uncomfortable and three parts sheer pleasure. I have suspected for a while that overdrive results from intense stimulation without something for my vagina to actually grip and this experience supported that theory; my body kept squeezing the Horse Cock as the vibrator drove me wild.

After a while, I noticed that I felt depth that I am not sure I have felt with a toy before (later measured it to be about 7″). The Horse Cock even hurt a bit, how far it was, but I did not want SwingBot to pull back at all. I continued to writhe against the anal dilator and the Horse Cock both, driven by the waves of pleasure from the clitoral stimulation. After an uncounted number of orgasms, my body finally started to get exhausted and sore. SwingBot removed the inserted toys and took them to the bathroom sink for cleaning. I remained on the bed for a while, inserting the vibrator to give myself a cooling down period. The same vibrations that had gotten me started and kept me going now served to help soothe me and ease me off of my high. I was startled by how deeply I was able to plunge the toy… all the way to its base (insertable length 6.5″).

To some, that might not seem like that big a deal, but I am no size queen. There are many times that SwingBot goes too deep for me and we have to use a position that makes him shallower. Toys often do not go in their full insertable length. So, the powerful drive for sheer depth during that session amazed me, particularly since I figured I would have to work to get to penetration. My body was incredibly receptive, apparently.

Also, it is nice to confirm what I had suspected about overdrive: that it can be held off, maybe entirely prevented, by vaginal penetration. Overdrive is just my body’s way of absolutely begging for it. So, that medical bracelet I would need to wear for clubbing can be changed to, “In case of seizure, FUCK.”