You Have Competition for Center of Attention

*Note: These posts are often composed in advance, and so may not always reflect events in real time. SwingBot does post about events as they happen. Consequently, there may be discrepancies in the stages of our stories.*

Last Tuesday, BG took SwingBot’s “gay cherry” and I got to watch.

After SwingBot and BG put me into overdrive twice, we went out for dinner. We chose a place that really was not a good idea: a steakhouse where we know we have bad experiences with the salads. The meat entrees are great, but the salads have so much sweet stuff that they could be desserts, which is off-putting. Also, for some reason, I did not have much appetite. I should have been ravenous, but I seemed to get full on a single roll. I barely even touched my drink, though I should have been incredibly thirsty.

We returned home and the hour was late, but everyone was willing to continue our sex play. We soon reconvened in the bedroom and shed clothes, though SwingBot kept his shirt this time. I lay between them and they stimulated me, BG’s penis near my chest. I asked him if he would be willing to wear a flavored condom and he agreed. SwingBot obligingly gave me a list of the flavors. When I selected Grape (rather than a flavor only I would like, such as Mint), SwingBot understood what I had planned. BG had SwingBot apply the condom, which he did. I started sucking and soon empathized with them in their frustrations of dental dams; I am not sure that BG even felt some of what I did and it seemed more like I was sucking a toy than a penis. Sucking on the tip just resulted in my inhaling a deflated balloon, not in the partner’s sharp reaction I normally get.

Still, I offered for SwingBot to share and he soon took over. From BG’s reactions, I think that SwingBot figured out how to deal with the condom shortcomings better than I did. I felt torn, wanting to engage BG’s mouth as he had done for me the previous week while SwingBot had performed oral on me, but I also wanted to watch. The desire to watch eventually won. SwingBot bobbing his head up and down on BG’s shaft, licking the tip, and deep-throating BG was too sexy to miss. I could not believe how arousing it was to just watch. SwingBot asked whether he should continue and finish BG off that way “or save some for the other end.” I asked whether he really felt ready, he affirmed, I asked BG whether he felt ready, and BG answered by pushing SwingBot front-down onto the bed and applying lube to SwingBot’s ass.

BG tried entering, but SwingBot needed him to back off. They repeated this a couple times, and SwingBot concluded that he might need to start with a toy. I got our two dildos from The Bend Over Beginner Kit, still our default anal toys years after we got them. I started with the smaller one and SwingBot seemed to barely notice. So, I removed it and applied the larger. SwingBot could not take it fully, but it did enter, and he soon requested that BG try again. BG obliged and successfully entered this time.

I really wanted to do something to help: stroke or suck SwingBot’s penis, fondle BG’s testicles or rub his anus, do something. But I watched. The sight of SwingBot actually getting fucked by a person with a real penis — better, one with which I had intimate experience myself — had me absolutely transfixed. I felt myself getting an orgasm from the sight alone as I burned it into my mental video recorder, but tried to control myself. I wanted to be calm in case anything went wrong. Also, I did not want to get distracted from the very sight that was putting me over the edge.

Maybe because of the oral beforehand and maybe because SwingBot has a more fuckable ass, BG came much more quickly in SwingBot’s ass than he had in mine at the start of the night. SwingBot had been nearing the end of his limit, so the shorter run worked well. BG collapsed on top of SwingBot, remaining inside for a while. One lying atop the other made quite an attractive ending to my sexy mental video recording. BG then withdrew and tossed himself onto the bed beside SwingBot. SwingBot continued to lie face-down on the bed. I gave BG my pillow and got a spare for myself. I put away the lube and removed the toys to the bathroom sink for later cleaning. Then I lay on SwingBot’s other side and watched them for a while, though I mostly saw my looping mental video.

SwingBot accused me of looking smug, which I routinely accuse him of being after sex. The difference is that, in his case, it is true, and in my case, it was only slightly true. Mostly, I felt happy. SwingBot has been wanting to perform oral sex on a man and then receive anal sex for longer than he has known me. I got to be there for his first time… even got to help instigate it.

I cannot deny feeling some jealousy, but I knew that I would. While using toys or having strap-on sex, I have often wished that I could actually penetrate SwingBot myself and feel him on the inside. (If they ever create sex toys that let you feel what the toy feels, then I definitely want a “feeling” strap-on dildo.) BG got to actually be inside and feel SwingBot around him in a way that I never can. Due to my insanely sharp nails (even when filed so short that they hurt me), I rarely can get past SwingBot’s sphincter to finger him, so do not even get to enter him that way. So, some jealousy? Yes, not in a “you cannot have my partner” way, but in a “I wish that I could do that for my partner” way.

Enjoying his afterglow, SwingBot suggested another potential source for jealousy: the fight to be center of attention. Until that point, I had been the focus of our play. Our first time, it had been just BG and me. Our second time, we had double penetration and spit-roast. Earlier that night, they had worked together to make me cum to exhaustion. Now, I stood on the sidelines and watched them. That was a shift, certainly, and SwingBot liked his experience enough that he intended to be the one getting attention again. However, I suspect that we three can work something out so that everyone gets ample playtime.

I am not sure whether he wanted to reassure me that I was not forgotten or whether he was genuinely horny again, but BG and I made out a bit more afterwards. I found his way of excusing himself for the night entertaining.

BG: “I’ll leave you two to talk about it.

SwingBot: “By talk about it, you mean…”

BG: “Fuck.”

After BG left, SwingBot took a shower while I changed the bedding. We talked for a bit about the experience, including my looping mental video and the new potential for battle for center of attention. We decided to just sleep rather than continue having sex, since the hour was so late and we had both been pretty well shagged. However, not long after settling under the covers, SwingBot threw them off, performed fantastic cunnilingus, and then gave me the pussy pounding I had desperately begged for earlier in the evening.

Somehow, I am not worried that SwingBot’s new interest in being the focus of attention is going to detract from my own experiences.