Swinging… Bisexual Male, Please

*Note: These posts are weekly, often composed in advance, and so may not always reflect events in real time. SwingBot does post about events as they happen. Consequently, there may be discrepancies in the stages of our stories.*

As I previously mentioned, SwingBot and I are delicately toeing the wild waters of swinging. Our desires include getting him MM action, getting me FF action, and getting us both MMF action. We are open to other possibilities, but MMF encounters (that include MM action) and FF encounters are our core goals. Also, as I mentioned, for a “lifestyle community” that prides itself on being so open, it sure has a lot of closed doors. Many seem to want straight swapping or FFM activity while considering MM and MMF unnecessary evils.

I dramatize a bit, of course. There are some couples quite keen on MMF activity. However, even in those cases, often the focus is on men having sex with the woman. While that is nice and all, it is not what I want. I want to share my husband with another man. I want a man who wants to play with SwingBot’s penis and wants SwingBot to play with his, while also letting me watch or be involved. I do not want “I’m straight but I’ll f**k the man so I can f**k the woman.”

Fortunately, we found a candidate! While browsing the “nearby people” on one site, I saw a profile of a single bisexual man with a delightfully funny tagline and a picture that did not feature a cock shot. Win, win, win; I had to check out his profile. Bisexual and keen for the man as well as the woman in a couple, but flexible to what they might want, offering experience and patience, near our own age, uses capitalization, grammar, and punctuation… Could this profile be any more awesome? Not ready to say, “Nice profile, let’s boff,” I made my first attempt to reach out a non-committal and extremely honest note of “I love your profile.” I don’t recall fully what I said, but I am pretty sure that I put more effort into my message than that.

And he replied! Nicely! And invitingly! I looped SwingBot into the conversation and soon the two of them were exchanging messages and scheduling a meet-and-greet-no-sex first date. And SwingBot and I learned that we could really use a handbook for this whole swinging thing.