SwingBot: A plan that worked!

SwingBot is the M half of this duet, who occasionally contributes inane guest-posts to this blog.

Well, that worked out. Kinda.

In the end, I was very selfless (or chickenshit, if you’re going to niggle on the details), and didn’t even get undressed. I just handed out the condoms and lubes and whatnot, and watched. Watched intently. Sex really does look different when you’re not the one with your head buried in someone’s lap, if you didn’t know. I’d give more details if I had done anything, but since I didn’t, I’ll leave it to SO to describe over in her blog if she wants to. For my part I saw I lot of interesting thrusting motions and some awesome “O” faces.

I suppose I had a brief tinge of possessive jealousy as he was rubbing his hands over her body and groping, licking, biting, etc, but that might have just been my internal porno editor trying to yell “stick it in already!” Not really sure. There’s certainly no crying in shame or sitting in a corner rocking back and forth. In fact, after he left, she and I had sex an additional two or three times. It was pretty much constant sex from 6-11, with a short break to watch the masturbation lesson scene from Weeds (Season 2, Ep 3).

Anyway, we’re pretty certain it’s not going to be the last time, and it doesn’t seem that this whole exercise will go down as a failed experiment. At least we know we’re not just talk now (or at least one of us isn’t), and sex really is fun.

Now we just have to schedule another one.